10 Tips: Travelling with a baby..


Travelling with a baby is not easy but when we decided to plan a holiday for our new years 2016 we knew we had to be more organised than ever before. Little S was only six months old so making sure I had a check list with all her everyday essentials along with her dietary needs was a must. So as soon we booked our flights I had to make an action plan to have this as smooth sailing as possible.


travelling with a baby can be easy with these tips.

Travelling with a baby on the flight can be easy with these few tips.

1) Flight time. We booked our flights two different timings to see what would work with our baby (Little S). Our first flight was from Perth to Melbourne which was a 10pm flight so she was sleeping for the most of this flight. On our return flight we booked a 7am flight which was a little to early I guess as we had to get to the airport at 5.30am. When we travel again I would try to book an afternoon flight.

2) Once you book your flights call the airlines to check what you are eligible to carry along for check in luggage. Like an example we carried the portable cot, also check if you can request for a bassinet for the flight, if your baby is young and you have a long flight. We did not take our pram with us as we had a baby carrier but if you would prefer to please do so as you can wheel the baby through the airport.

3) Check for what is approved to be carried in your nappy bag for your babies feed. Pack the carry on bag wisely. Pack the nappies in an easy access place. In the bag ensure there are plenty of nappies, wipes, cloths, bottles of formula (carry more than usual) toys and a fresh change of clothes.

4) Make sure to carry one or two of these for your babies check in proof of age card, medicare card ( Australia only), birth certificate, immunisation book, passport if necessary. Please check with the airlines as this may differ.

5) Use the parents room in the airport. So allow some extra time to duck into the parents room to freshen up the baby before you board the flight.

6) Go to the toilet before boarding the flight. Don’t even try to squeeze yourself and the baby in the little cubicle in the plane it’s not going to end well.

7) Save breastfeeding or bottle feeding for the take off and landing as the sucking action will help the baby with the pain and equalise their ears. Also keep a bottle of water handy for yourself as breast-feeding can dehydrate you during the flight. Little S has stooped using her dummy, but if your baby is still using his/her dummy this can also help with the pressure on the ears.

8) Carry medicine. Make sure to carry baby Panadol for your baby. If your baby is teething also add Bonjela to the list.Do not give your baby medicines if not required it’s an advice that people might give you, but its the wrong advice. It will not make your journey easy.

9) Do not forget to allow some time for rest and relaxation once you arrive your destination. As this is a new experience for you and your baby. Saying from our experience it was the best thing we did for Little S as she was all relaxed and ready for the adventures ahead.

10) Enjoy. These beautiful memories with your little one, cause they grow up to fast. Make an adventure out of your special time as a family together. We try to stay positive, even if things don’t go as planned and remember that we have this little blessing.

Hope all you parents are having a great day. Being a part of  your little ones Magical Childhood..

Love Maddy & Little S xoxo




  1. February 23, 2017 / 5:22 am

    I’m glad it worked out well for you and little S Maddy! Xx

    Kez | acaciasdreams.com

    • February 23, 2017 / 7:05 am

      Hey kez, thank you so much. I was nervous as a lot of people have a hard time with a baby.

      Hope you are doing great!